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A bear’s fantasy about real life

An adventure

Seeing life as an adventure. Seeing life as the kind of adventure that makes a certain sense from onboard a seafaring boat. No good reason to jump other than the good reason to believe in beauty as more real than fear.


Trusting the sharks with a wild tale of long winded adventure. Trusting that they know the way to the way to the land of certain surprises. Trusting to fall asleep on their backs.


The shark’s words of wisdom. Left on his own with a world of colour and expectation, the sharks leave Humbert Bear. Humbert Bear sees the headland of the land of certain surprises. He awaits the sails that come for him.

Alexander Mackenzie

Alexander Mackenzie has been a painter, storyteller, illustrator and author for over 40 years

He has written and illustrated ‘Humbert Bear Likes to Doze’ and made several copies available for every Children’s Hospice in the UK. Furthermore, it has been printed in Spanish, German and Croatian for the hospices of terminally ill children in Europe. Currently it is being printed in Hungarian, Portuguese, French, Danish and Norwegian. He is also illustrator and author of Odyssey and the highly inventive card game for storytellers ‘Make It Up’ - a storyteller’s manual on how to make up spontaneous storytelling.


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